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Update about the Coronavirus

For companies and schools: Let’s be smarter than the Coronavirus.

Prepare your company now for a safe return to the workspace. Take our Online interactive Courses and become smart.

Since the beginning of January 2020, I try to be smarter than the Coronavirus.

And I think we can !

Despite social distancing measurements, we expect the Coronavirus to keep circulating around the world, unless we find a cure of vaccination. So you have to be smart and prepare your school or organization.

 I’m working intensively with a team of specialists to prevent spread of the Coronavirus and we think that companies have to organize 3 things to prepare to restart an organization in a safe and responsible manner reducing the risk on Coronavirus infections.

  1. How to implement a decision tree in case there is a Corona virus infection. What do you have to do? How do you protect key parts of a company? With our experience in several countries in Asia, JustB Healthcare can give customized advice.
  2. How to implement decent personal hygiene measurements in the organization and check each individual. Take our JustB Healthcare Interactiv Online Course and check online wether your employees did the online course, individual or by group. It makes sense ito follow the course right now when the employees are home working since change of habits takes some time.
  3. Did you implement increased hygiene measurements to prevent getting infected through frequent used and/or shared surfaces? JustB Healthcare company hygiene.

Our course runs on a AdTech platform which makes (remote) management of very large numbers of participants (at home or anywhere) possible and is available in 11 languages.

Improve your knowledge about your health

Education and training for locals and patients

Our Online Interactive Courses provide locals, patients, travellers and expats with the most up-to-date medical information.

These course have as subject:

  • Coronavirus
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • Malaria
  • Tuberculosis
  • HIV

Some trainings are still under development, these will be published soon.


Interactive Online Course Coronavirus

JustB Healthcare Interactive Courses

The JustB Healthcare Learning System is mobile based, but it also works on your desktop and laptop. Interactive learning, wherever, whenever.

Do you need to improve your healthcare skills and knowledge? JustB Healthcare provides you with professional education and training.

Our training materials are now available for locals, patients, travellers and expats, and will soon be vailable for nurses and doctors (at GP level).

The JustB Healthcare system uses modern Artificial Intelligence-based training methods created by experts in the field.


Coronavirus – the symptons

Coronavirus – the symptons

Coronavirus - the symptons Little is known about the early start of Coronavirus disease and the symptons. This is a video from the Singapore government. It is not complete. But might be good for people with complaints. In addition: specialists tell people might loose...

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Personal word of trust to you

Personal word of trust to you

Personal word of trust to you Working as ophthalmologist in less fortunate countries I was touched by the heartwarming Loving people I saw trying to survive and realized infection diseases first needed attention and glasses were a luxury when you try to survive. Now...

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Infectious diseases


How to prevent getting and spreading the virus

Hepatitis B and C

Learn how to prevent getting and spreading the virus