About us

Our mission

Every human is entitled to excellent healthcare, so that they can understand and be cured from infectious diseases.

JustB helps by providing healthcare for everyone.

Our goal

JustB Healthcare wants to unite people by giving smart educational e-courses about infectious diseases to patients, locals, expats and travellers all around the world. JustB can also train our nurses and doctors effectively through smart e-learning.

Infectious diseases don’t respect borders. It is therefore a global responsibility to fight against the spread of infectious diseases like Flu, Corona, TB, Hepatitis B/C, HIV, malaria and many others.

Let’s unite our forces to spread knowledge about infectious diseases and to develop prevention and treatment aids for nurses and doctors.

About Rolinda

JustB Healthcare was founded by Dr. Rolinda Beijering MD PhD

‘’JustB Healthcare refers to my maiden and work name: Beijering. It also refers to the fact that doctors make decisions based on their knowledge and capabilities at THIS moment in time, which might change in the future. Doctors have to JUST B in the present.’’

Dr. Rolinda Beijering has a PhD in Internal medicine and did research at the Hepatology department and on Hepatitis B. At the moment, she works as a practising ophthalmologist.

While working as an ophthalmologist in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, I found out there is a need for permanent and better education for patients, locals, nurses and doctors, but there are not enough human and financial resources to achieve this in many countries around the world.

This led to the idea to set up a more efficient, affordable and sustainable line of healthcare in countries lacking human and financial resources through smart, easy manageable e-learning. But at the same time, JustB e-learning courses are available as permanent education to all.

The recent Corona virus (COVID-19), makes our goal understandable; we all need to understand WHAT COVID-19 is, and HOW to prevent getting and spreading the infection (locals, expats or travellers might become patients, and they all need to understand WHEN to visit the hospital to be treated by trained nurses and doctors.’

The reality is that more people die from TB, Hepatitis B, HIV, Malaria and other infectious diseases without knowing WHAT it is, HOW to prevent getting infected, and WHEN to visit the hospital.

But every human is entitled to excellent healthcare, so that they can understand and be cured from infectious diseases.

If your plan is for 1 year, plant rice, If your plan is for 10 years plant trees, If your plan is for 100 years: educate.