A new way of healthcare

JustB Healthcare creates sustainable and affordable e-learning courses for patients, nurses and doctors.

The education of patients, nurses and doctors leads to an upgrade of knowledge on diseases and the best treatment options. The artificial intelligence behind the JustB Healthcare educational apps provided by the NovoLearning platform, makes efficient management of healthcare easy, affordable and sustainable.

These e-learning courses are also available for expats and travellers.

Patients and locals

Patients and locals in very remote areas, who lack access to healthcare, will be educated about diseases.

By understanding their disease, they can change their behaviour towards it and/or prevent spreading it to family or others.

The course can be done offline on a smartphone, tablet or computer and checked individually by a nurse or doctor with the JustB Healthcare off-site. The link can be send from anywhere, making quick education on the Coronavirus, TB, Hepatitis B and other infectious diseases possible from a distance.


Nurses can follow courses at different levels and on different topics, starting with infectious diseases.

Their individual results can be monitored from a distance by supervising doctors or others, allowing efficient management of these trained nurses.

Who needs more education and on what topic can be easily followed on any distance. With the JustB Healthcare e-learning courses, you can keep all nurses on the same level of education and can give customized education where needed. he link can be shared to give someone access to online education on a new infectious disease, which can be followed from anywhere in the world.


Doctors can follow courses at their level (GP), and can manage or be managed remotely. Doctors can easily see if patients living in remote areas understand their disease or if villages need more attention. They can supervise trained (school) nurses by looking at their results on the JustB Healthcare education course from any distance.

If living in remote areas themselves, they can also be supervised by a highly trained medical specialist, based on their results on the JustB Healthcare educational course.

Who else benefits?

From now on, travelers and expats can do our Just B-Healthcare training to understand the risk of getting (an) infectious disease(s) while traveling to or living in a specific country. What signs and behaviour should they be aware of to see if they have caught an infectious disease? How can they prevent or lower the risk of getting infected?

For travelers: DONATE courses to people in need while you enjoy your holiday by taking our e-learning courses on infectious diseases yourself. You learn what to do and help others at the same time.

For expats and companies: Taking good care of your employees is a moral value. Preventing diseases is a sustainable way to do so. Your company can get access to our on- and offline training courses anywhere. JustB donates e-courses to people in need, so that they can also get educated.


For health organisations (hospitals, NGO’s): the education of nurses and doctors is of extreme importance.

What can you do with the JustB-Healthcare education:

  1. Educate nurses and healthcare workers in a sustainable and modern way.
  2. Let trained professionals monitor e-learning results at any time and any distance.
  3. Monitor individual e-learning results or in comparison with others.
  4. Because of the artificial intelligence, you can focus on managing healthcare workers who really need it, instead of losing time on healthcare workers who don’t. This is convenient, especially if working in more remote places.
  5. Have control over privacy and e-learning options as an organisation.
  6. Prove that your healthcare workers have been trained according to Good Clinical Practise guidelines.
  7. Because medical responsibilities are more and more delegated to nurses instead of doctors, evidence to prove their capability is required. This can be done using JustB-Healthcare options.
  8. In remote areas without proper healthcare, a NGO or local hospital can benefit by giving information to patients and checking afterwards. Trained nurses (doctors) can be followed from a distance by experts.