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We advise organizations about the coronavirus (Covid-19). This involves taking measures to prevent the virus spreading among your employees.

We also offer advice about what to do if one or more employees become infected. How, for example, should you disinfect your office? For this aim, we developed the JustB Online Interactive Course Coronavirus.

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The JustB Online Interactive Courses

This protocol will give you the opportunity to see if all of your employees or (in case of schools) children have followed the course.

The JustB Online Interactive Courses will give you an insight into the parts that are difficult for each individual or for specific groups.

For organisations, it might be worthwhile to make a package deal to prepare each individual within your organisation.

Does your organization have a large number of employees? Please contact us for a package deal or fill in the form and take advantage of our offer to receive 10 licenses free of charge. 

For international organisations with frequent traveling employees

Travelers can bring back infectious diseases, which might be a threat to an individual or to your organisation. Make sure that your employees know about possible prevention measurements they can take.

More JustB Healthcare courses are under development, such as TB, HIV and Malaria (available before June). The Prevention Protocol Hepatitis B and C and the Prevention Protocol Coronavirus are already available. Your organisation will be given access to these courses after agreement.

For every course you take, we donate courses to countries lacking resources to test for coronavirus infections. In these countries, our Prevention Protocol Coronavirus might be the best possible option.

We currently work on courses for home quarantine and training for nurses.

We respect all privacy of each company and individual. We don’t use any e-marketing. We only care for the health of each individual. See our Privacy policy.


De following languages are available:

  • English
  • Dutch

Other languages on request.

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Prepare your company now for a safe return to the workspace

Since the beginning of  January 2020,  I’m working intensively with a team of specialists to prevent spread of the Coronavirus.

Your organization has to organize 3 things fast to prepare your organization to start up the company again in a safe and responsible manner.

  1. How to implement decent personal hygiene measurements in the organization and check each individual. Use our JustB healthcare e-learning course and check online whether your employees have completed the course, individual or by group.
  2. Did you implement increased hygiene measurements to prevent getting infected through frequent used and/or shared surfaces? JustB-healthcare company hygiene.
  3. How to implement a decision tree in case there is a Corona virus infection? What do you have to do? How do you protect key parts of a company?

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