Hepatitis B and C

Learn everything about prevention and treatment options for Hepatitis B and C, the second most deadly virus in the world.

The course consists of 4 parts:

  1. Explanation about Hepatitis B and C
  2. Daily practise on Hepatitis B and C prevention
  3. Hepatitis B vaccination
  4. Quiz

Coming soon: the Prevention Protocol Hepatitis B and C

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In honor of the development of the healthcare

Major Frank Westcott was working in Ceylon during the outbreak of WWII. He enlisted with the Prince of Wales Own IV Gurkha rifles and fought the first part of the campaign in Burma (Myanmar), engaged in jungle warfare against the Japanese.

In 1945, Frank was awarded the Military Cross for an act of outstanding bravery in Italy, where he showed no regard for his own safety.

At the age of 53, he developed a severe liver disease. He died at the relatively young age of 57 from liver failure and finally liver cancer, probably caused by dual infections including Hepatitis B and C, which were unknown at that time.

Doctor Beijering: “Frank survived many battles on different continents during his life. He died because of a lack of diagnosis and treatment options at that time, losing the fight against Hepatitis viruses fighting his body. Hepatitis viruses are slowly-killing viruses that attack the liver. We now have a vaccination and treatment options for Hepatitis B and treatment options for Hepatitis C.”