Eye screenings

No glasses or no access to get glasses is the number one cause of preventable blindness in the world.

Cataract is the second cause of preventable blindness in the world.

JustB Healthcare sets up eye screenings with local or international organisations like the Eye Care Foundation. Eye screenings can be set up easily at office buildings, schools and other buidings.

Glasses can be provided through donations of companies or organisations, such as Eye Care Foundation, and prevent avoidable blindness.

Cataract operations and other operations are also made available through donations. Operations such as these help people regain control of their lives. They no longer need to rely on the aid of family members, neighours or others.

JustB Healthcare works together with local clinics on operations, laser treatments and other treatments.

Rolinda BeijeringDr Beijering:

‘When I did the first eye screenings at DE HEUS company in Vietnam and discovered that 34% of 1000 employees needed glasses, I was shocked. For many people, glasses are too expensive. Also, the impact of cataract on daily life is very invalidating. People become blind because of cataract and can’t work or perform simple daily activities like cooking and going to the market. CSR programs for eye screenings provide an enormous benefit for employees, family members and locals, and are a sustainable form of aid.’