Personal word of trust to you

Working as ophthalmologist in less fortunate countries I was touched by the heartwarming Loving people I saw trying to survive and realized infection diseases first needed attention and glasses were a luxury when you try to survive.

Now the world suddenly has completely changed by Cornonavirus, which off course makes us all anxious. I’m convinced at the end, WE al can be smarter than the Coronavirus, United together.

But give the doctors time to first now do their jobs, helping people to survive, by social distancing.

And also have trust that scientists and doctors are all menbers of national and international networks, that are connected, and help each other by exchanging medical information, exchanging scientific information, and support colleagues allover the world to find a solution to battle against the Corona virus as soon as possible.

Since they are non political, there are no boundary’s , therefore doctors / supported by nurses only care for humans… have trust in our scientists to find solution for us.

But also take your responsibility and prepare yourself, your family and others the best you can until a final solution against the Coronavirus has been found. I’m convinced we can and will be smarter than the Coronavirus.

We wish you strength in this difficult times.

I wish all to … JustB-healthy.